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Headache and Migraine Program

My Approach
Concussion therapy

Our program is individualized and focused on your specific goals!  We use evidence based approach that is focused on improving and maintaining your movement and function.

Headache and migraine treatment often focuses on:

  • Decreasing pain and other symptoms

  • Decreasing medication use

  • Improving function and activity

  • Decreasing headache triggers

  • Improving spinal strength and stability

  • Improving headache self-management skills

Physical and occupational therapy focuses on:

  • Manual therapy, such as myofascial techniques and joint mobilization

  • Strengthening of the deep cervical muscles and scapular stabilization muscles

  • Stretching and range-of-motion exercises

  • Postural and alignment correction

  • Postural restoration techniques and breathing instruction

  • Ergonomics and instruction in optimal positioning for work-related tasks

  • Instruction in optimal positioning for household, self-care and recreational tasks

  • Headache/migraine self-management education

  • Vestibular rehabilitation and vision training as needed


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