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Our Story

Our business is a collaboration between three good friends, Liz, Kaila, and Cassie.  This group first worked together at a rehabilitation hospital in Maryland where we were senior level therapists and developed a passion for providing quality, multidisciplinary care for those with neurologic conditions, specifically Parkinson's Disease. 


As life paths led each of us in different geographic locations, this passion still continued.  One barrier we came across was that not all people with neurologic had access to practitioners with experience and knowledge in this area.  This is where Engage was born. 


We were in the process of establishing Engage in NY when COVID began.  It became apparent the need for quality care for these populations was significant not just for therapy but for overall wellness.  Over the past two years, Engage has gradually grown and in August 2021 we were able to open a clinic location in Syracuse NY. Engage has also expanded

Engage is a therapy and wellness group providing both in person and telehealth visits integrating occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.  Our evidence-based and collaborative approach will help you to improve your function and quality of life.


We recognize each person is a unique individual and we tailor our approach to improving and maintaining your health to focus on your needs, your goals, and striving to help you to move better and feel your best.