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Occupational Therapy Services in Syracuse, NY


What our patients say...

It was suggested by my son’s previous physical therapist and his general practitioner that we consider Engage to support his neurological diagnosis. From the first phone call to Engage, through evaluations, and now all therapies he is currently receiving - their collaboration between services, knowledge, integrity, and the joy for their job which they share with the clients is extraordinary. My son is making unbelievable consistent success that is unmatched from any other services from Syracuse, to Chicago, IL. and to Los Angeles, CA. Also, a fun fact is the clients become like family as they share in their success and cheerleading for each other. Thank You Engage - my mother’s heart is smiling as I place my adult son in your competent and caring hands!!


Coordination exercise

At first I did not think occupational therapy made a lot of sense for my condition (MS). This proved not the case. My occupational therapist  led me through several exercises designed specifically to make my daily life better. She always took the time to explain the importance of what we were doing and why we were doing it. My “exit” results show a general improvement almost across the board.

She set me on the right course/ making my actions more efficient and effective. Her concerns always seemed to be about my welfare and how to improve.

I learned simple yet effective ways to make my life better and easier.



The goal of Outpatient Occupational Therapy is to enable an individual to carry out their activities of daily living, which include those performed at work, home, school, and the community as independently as possible.


Following a thorough evaluation, which includes an occupational therapy assessment of physical function as well as cognitive and daily living skills, an occupational therapist will create a treatment plan dedicated to restoring your maximum functional ability.  Your therapist will work individually with you and will closely monitor your progress to modify your occupational therapy program as required.


Who Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy provides a broad scope of services and may include any of the following:


Occupational Therapy provides a broad scope of services and may include any of the following:

Our Approach

We provide personalized one-on-one evaluation and treatment sessions that are guided by the individual’s goals and the latest evidence in occupational therapy practice.  We work together as a team to help you meet your goals!  Sessions are typically 40-45 minutes long.


Telehealth appointments allow you to do your therapy from the comfort of your home using a computer, tablet, or phone.  At Engage, we want to maximize the availability of expert care.  A main benefit is that you do not need to travel.  If you are several hours away you can still receive the expert care as if you were in Syracuse.


The video system we use for our sessions, zoom, is only a click away to developing a plan to best meet your needs. 

We are licensed in New York.

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