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Looking for someone that understands your diagnosis and provides hope for improvement in your quality of life?  Our specialized therapists understand neurologic disorders and complex health conditions. 

We provide a full range of speech therapy services, all aimed at improving a patient’s communication, language, speech, cognition and swallowing skills.

Our speech-language pathologists provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for:

  • Speech and language rehabilitation

  • Cognitive retraining

  • Voice therapy

  • Feeding/swallowing services

We will work together to develop an individualized action plan that will specifically address your goals and to assist you in overcoming barriers to living your best life!

  • Do you feel your friends and family need hearing aides? 

  • Are you always being asked to repeat yourself? 


LSVT Loud or SPEAK OUT! may be the answer!  We are certified in both LSVT Loud and SPEAK OUT! which are effective voice treatments for those with Parkinson's Disease.  These are individualized, one-on-one treatment sessions offered both in-person and via telehealth.

Are you a recent graduate from the Loud or SPEAK OUT! program but feel you would benefit from the motivation and expert care from a Loud therapist?  This is for you.  We can work with you 1-2 times a week to develop a program to maximize your voice!

speech therapy at Engage Therapy and Wellness in Syracuse NY
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