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Dizziness and Balance Therapy

My Approach

Are you feeling dizzy?

Do you not feel steady or have you had a fall?

We are here to help!

We offer specialized training and equipment that help to maximize our ability to know why you are dizzy.  Sessions are provided one-on-one.  The frequency of visits is developed to meet your needs.

This will begin with a comprehensive evaluation including a medical history, medication review and a physical examination.  Your initial visit gives your therapist the information they need to assess your problem, determine a prognosis, and create an individualized treatment plan. Your therapist will discuss this plan with you at your initial evaluation. You may attend therapy sessions 1-2 visits per week, depending on your condition.

We specialize in a team approach to vestibular disorders, post-concussive symptoms, PPPD, cervicogenic dizziness and migraines/ headaches. 

Why a team approach?  Did you know that many of the underlying issues in dizziness are related to the autonomic nervous system? Or that sleep, diet and stress can play a role?  Our program is a perfect fit for the person who wants a holistic approach to their dizziness; an approach that includes looking at your movement, muscular factors, lifestyle, brain-body connection and your nervous system.

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