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Concussion Therapy

My Approach
Concussion therapy

If you have had a concussion:

  • Are you feeling dizzy or unsteady?

  • Are you dealing with headaches?

  • Are you having difficulty concentrating or brain fog?

  • Are you having difficulty sleeping or have daytime fatigue?

We are here to help!

Concussion is an invisible injury. Concussions can affect people of all ages and result from a work, sport or recreational activity. Studies have shown that a multidisciplinary approach to managing symptoms of a concussion is most effective for a successful recovery. There are many symptoms linked to a concussion that may be limiting your ability to return to work, school or sports activities.  Early therapy can help address symptoms to allow you to get back to living life! 

We work together as a team performing a comprehensive evaluation and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Engage's concussion rehabilitation program consists of:

Physical Therapy:
Can assist with management of neck pain, headaches, dizziness, nausea, imbalance, fogginess, intolerance to exercise and fatigue.

Occupational Therapy:
Can assist with management of blurry vision, double vision, difficulty with functional visually related tasks such as reading or computer use, and compensatory strategies for returning to work, school, or day to day activities.

Speech Therapy:
Can assist with memory impairments, word finding difficulty, attention impairments, difficulty focusing, difficulty with complex reasoning and executive function dysfunction.


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