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Concussion Therapy

My Approach
What our patients say....

After my daughter suffered a concussion, we were recommended to see Liz by the pediatrician. Our experience couldn't have been better! From the first appointment, Liz was able to determine what type of activities were needed to help my daughter heal. If a particular week was more symptomatic than expected, Liz changed course and addressed the needs of that week. The office is warm and inviting, appointments were easy to schedule and we would highly recommend them to anyone!


Jamie was my Occupational Therapist and was wonderful! She was patient, creative, and positive... and I saw marked improvement in my word retrieval and memory.
Emily was my Physical Therapist and we worked on my post concussive neck injury. She had great ideas and methods. I continue to use the tools she gave me, but, honestly, I hardly ever think about my neck anymore since it has improved sooooo much!!

I would highly recommend both of these professionals.


A skilled team with a holistic and caring approach. Had a great experience with concussion recovery, and highly recommend to anyone seeking neuro care.


What is a concussion?

Concussion is an invisible injury.  A concussion is an injury that is the result of a direct blow to the head or sudden jarring of the head and neck causing the brain to shift and forcefully hit against the skull. 

This can lead to bruising and swelling of the brain, tearing of the blood vessels and injury of the nerves, resulting in a concussion, which is a traumatic brain injury. You do not need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion. Common causes of concussions include falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports, and work-related injuries. Most concussions do resolve with rest but those with symptoms lasting more than 2-3 weeks would benefit from skilled therapy to return to normal function.

Concussions can affect people of all ages and result from a work, sport or recreational activity. Studies have shown that a multidisciplinary approach to managing symptoms of a concussion is most effective for a successful recovery. There are many symptoms linked to a concussion that may be limiting your ability to return to work, school or sports activities.  Early therapy can help address symptoms to allow you to get back to living life! 

Concussion symptoms can include:

(it is important to note that symptoms may appear immediately following, hours or days after the injury)

  • Physical: headaches, light/noise sensitivity, blurred vision, disequilibrium, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, slurred speech

  • Emotional: irritability, sadness, anxiety, personality changes

  • Sleep: drowsy, altered sleep patterns

  • Cognitive: confusion, difficulty concentrating, difficulty with memory recall, mental “fogginess”, changes in school/work performance


We work together as a team performing a comprehensive evaluation and develop an individualized treatment plan.

How can our team help you after a concussion?

Physical Therapy:

Can assist with management of:

  • Treating neck pain and headaches

  • Aerobic exercise training that does not intensify symptoms

  • Balance testing and training

  • Vestibular therapy to address dizziness

Occupational Therapy:
Can assist with management of

  • blurry vision

  • double vision

  • difficulty with functional visually related tasks such as reading or computer use

  • compensatory strategies for returning to work, school, or day to day activities.

Speech Therapy:
Can assist with management of:

  • memory impairments

  • word finding difficulty

  • attention impairments

  • difficulty focusing

  • difficulty with complex reasoning and executive function dysfunction.


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