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Wellness & Fitness Services

My Approach

What is Wellness?

Private wellness is a great fit if you are looking for the motivation and advice an expert can provide to maximize your health after you have completed therapy.  


This is designed to maximize your fitness.  We will work with you to ensure your exercise program is based on the best evidence with a focus on exercising in the best way and at the best intensity for you.

We are able to help keep you moving and also provide guidance on exercises to improve overall health and fitness.

Individual sessions are also more flexible to schedule. Do you  need an early morning or after work time?

We are able to design a plan that accommodates a busy schedule. Maybe you exercise on your own, but would like some guidance. We have some clients that we see multiple times a week, or others once a month, flexibility in scheduling is one of the perks!

Wellness service for Parkinson

Dr. Horton treats me as a whole person through her genuine nature with respect for who I am and where I am as we drive on the path to return to wellness.

What our clients say...

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