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Meet our Occupational Therapist Chloe!

Where are you from? 

I am from the small town of Barneveld which is near Utica NY. I was always very excited growing up when my parents would make the hour drive to take my sisters and I to Syracuse to go to the mall and museum. Now, I have the privilege of being able to work as an OT here at Engage and I have relocated to the area. I love being able to talk to patients about their favorite places to go in Syracuse and have enjoyed being able to explore all that the city has to offer! 

Where did you go to school? 

I went to Utica University. I received my bachelor’s degree in health sciences with a minor in Aging/Gerontology. My program was a 3+2 so I was able to get my master’s in occupational therapy in five years. I commuted from home for half of my education and also worked multiple part-time jobs, mostly as a caregiver for older adults. 

What made you want to become an occupational therapist? 

My grandfather had ALS when I was growing up. He had a fantastic occupational therapist who I am still in contact with today. He was able to live with his diagnosis for over ten years. I was really fascinated by the accessible technology that he used in order to still be able to communicate with us. When I was in high-school I was able to learn more about what occupational therapy was. I had an internship my senior year and shadowed other occupational therapists. After that, I never looked back! 

What makes you excited about working at Engage? 

I truly believe that while working here, I learn at least five new things a day. Since growing up with my grandpa I have always been interested in working with those with neurological conditions to live their highest quality of life with the most independence possible. The patients are the best part about Engage. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love to go hiking (lake trails, small mountains) and go kayaking! I also like to read, go to new coffee shops and spend time with my family and friends. Lately I’ve also enjoyed doing the NYT brain games and I have been trying to spend more time engaging in mindfulness and meditation. 

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