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Wheelchair Seating Assessments

Woman in Wheelchair at Beach

Engage's therapist, along with a RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Association Society of North America) certified ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) from a local durable medical equipment supplier help individuals choose the most appropriate wheelchair and seating option for their specific needs.

A prescription from a patient’s primary physician is required prior to the first clinic visit and may be required for follow-up visits as well.

Individuals receive a detailed examination and assessment from our therapist, which will include measurements of strength, range of motion and posture. The therapist will also assess the individual’s ability to perform everyday activities using mobility equipment. Based on this evaluation they will recommend a wheelchair and seating system, which may include specialized supportive cushions; backrests; headrests; or trunk, arm and leg supports. Power wheelchairs with necessary adaptations are recommended when needed.

Demonstration and trial of equipment is provided when necessary and is done in coordination with the DME (durable medical equipment) provider and various manufacturers.

After the evaluation the therapist works with the prescribing physician and DME provider to submit the necessary documentation to the insurance company.

Upon the insurance approval the client will return to the clinic for the delivery of the new wheelchair and/or seating and positioning components. This follow-up visit will include a custom fitting to the seating system and training with the operation

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