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Benefits of Dance

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Do you enjoy putting on music and dancing? Well, this can help your PD. Many forms of dance have been found to be beneficial for the movement and non-motor symptoms of PD.

By pairing movement and music, for some, it makes it easier to move. Research has shown increased activation of the brain impacted by PD when music is played during dance activities. Dancing also works on moving in multiple directions which can be challenging. Also with dancing you may be learning a new skill, which is great for brain health!

The social nature of dance also plays a role in why it is beneficial. Although you can dance alone, it is more fun with a partner. This may be a great activity to sign up for with a loved one or friend.

Dance has been found it help with:

  • balance

  • walking

  • quality of life

  • anxiety/depression

What types of dance have been found beneficial?

  • Argentine tango

  • Dance for PD

  • American ballroom - waltz, fox trot

  • Jazz

  • Folk dance

This list keeps getting longer each time we look at the research!

There are 2 programs that are popular around the country if you are looking to find a group class:

  • Dance for PD

  • Let Your Yoga Dance

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