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Does a squatty potty really work?

Updated: May 12, 2023

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You have probably heard of the squatty potty...and probably laughed at the name. You also may have asked yourself does this really work. Especially if you are living with PD where constipation is present for many before the onset of motor signs. Why does a squatting work? When you sit to have a bowel movement it kinks your lower intestine which forces you to work harder to have a BM. By getting into a squatty positioning it also for your colon to straight out, allowing for s straight path to the toilet. This has actually been seen in x-ray studies. By straightening out the path it allows for less straining. Research has found that by using a squatting device it allowed participants to go more quickly, with less strain and that participants emptied their bowels more completely when they sat on the toilet. By making it easier to have a BM, it can also help to reduce hemorrhoids. What great news! Although squatting is something that is not common in Western culture, in Asian and African countries squatting is common practice. In these countries constipation is at a lower rate compared to Western countries. If you want to try squatting, you do not have to buy a special stool. All you have to do is bend your knees and hips into a flexed position. You can use a step stool, turned over trash can...use your imagination! One of the best parts of this is there are no side effects from getting into this position to poop! If you want to try out a squatty potty here is a link.

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