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Engage's Favorite Things: Gift Guide for your loved one with Parkinson's - Part 1

Looking for that thoughtful and useful gift for your loved one with Parkinson's? Here are some of our favorite things along with links.

Staying hydrated is really important for someone with PD (check our post on the importance of hydration). This great water bottle can help you stay motivated during the day to stay on track with your water goal. It also has a fruit diff user, adding some healthy flavor to your water.

Leakproof Infuser Water Bottle

Do you notice feeling down or not having as much motivation in the winter? It is the cold and gray of wintertime in the Northeast. Using a light box can be a helpful tool in the winter time to give your body the sunlight it needs.

Tao Light Box

Working on staying loud? This bracelet could be a helpful addition to doing your voice exercises. The HiVolt voice on light bracelet lights up when you are talking loud giving you lots of feedback on your voice.

Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light Bracelet

Loss of smell can be an early sign of PD. Smell helps to make food taste delicious. These kits can help you work on your sense of smell and come with different smells to choose from.

Abscent kit

Having a daily gratitude practice can help you to focus on positivity and happiness in life. Check out our blog post about a daily gratitude practice here.

The one-minute gratitude journal

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