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Exercise Apps to Get You Moving

Looking to find new ways to get yourself moving and motivated in 2022? Reach into your pocket and take out your phone!

Smartphone apps have been created for almost every area of health promotion … weight loss, meditation, heart rate checks, medication reminders … the list goes on.

But did you know that many apps also have specific benefits for people with PD?

Research suggests the use of rhythm and music provides an effective approach for improving movement and reducing walking impairments (freezing of gait) in people with PD.

Check out these FREE apps that will get you moving BIGGER and BETTER during exercise through the use of musical feedback and rhythms that match your movement.

Note: These iOS/iPhone apps are available for download from the Apple App Store.


CuraSwing is the first app to give musical feedback on the swinging of the arm during walking. Using neuroscientific knowledge, it can help to improve the size of the arm swing and stimulate the entire walking movement. The concept is simple: The larger the arm swing during walking, the more intense the musical feedback.

The goal of training with CuraSwing is smoother and freer walking by increasing the pendulum movements of the arms. CuraSwing promotes arm swing through intuitive musical feedback and a sensual sound "reward".

Click on the image below to learn more about this app.

TrailMix: Step to the Beat

This app works with the music library your have on your phone. Simply adjust the tempo of the song, either by dragging the speedometer needle or by pressing the plus and minus buttons, and you can sync the beat to the tempo of any physical activity, including walking and biking.

Click on the image below to learn more about this app.

Adjust the tempo of any song to match your cadence (Free Version) TrailMix detect your cadence automatically (with $5.99 purchase of TrailMix Pro Version)

Interested in learning how to most effectively use rhythm and musical cues to get yourself moving BIGGER and BETTER in 2022? Our physical and occupational therapists at Engage specializing in rehabilitation for people with PD are happy to help!

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