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Get some OMMMMM in your life

Are you feeling stressed or anxious during these times of social distancing? I know I am. One routine that has helped me over the past several years is a practice in mindfulness and meditation.

There is emerging research to support the use of mindfulness for both the motor and non-motor symptoms in PD. Pilot research has shown improvement in sleep, depression, and anxiety. Mindfulness training has also been shown to improve balance (postural instability), gait,rigidity, and cognitive improvements.

One study has shown the benefits of mindfulness training can be maintained at a 6 month follow up. Another study found that after a 6 week practice of mindfulness the participants noted improved social contentedness and improved self-confidence managing their PD. There is also emerging research that performing mindfulness training with a family member or care partner can assist in the positive outcomes associated with mindfulness.

There are many types of mindfulness and meditation out there. One of the best things is to try a couple different types and see which feels best for you. That is a great part of mindfulness is not one size fits all. Here are two types that are out there:

Breathing Meditation

This is as easy as sitting or laying down and focusing on your breathing. This could be setting a timer and focusing on your breathing as it enters through your nostrils and out through your mouth. This is a great one to try as you can do it anywhere and it can be a go to strategy that you can use during stressful life events.

Body-Scan Meditation

This practice focuses on building body awareness and feeling different sensations in your body. You will typically start at your head and move through your body down to your feet. If you find your mind wandering, just bring your focus back to this activity.

If you feel it would be helpful to have guidance through these check out these apps:

Each of these have free options and are slightly different in their approach. Find the one that feels it fits you the best.

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