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Engage's Favorite Things: Gift Guide for your loved one with Parkinson's - Part 2

Updated: May 9

Looking for that thoughtful and useful gift for your loved one with Parkinson's? Here are some of our favorite things along with links. These ideas are all focused on making life a little bit easier.


Do you have difficulty getting your shoes on? Do you have difficulty tying your shoes or keeping your shoes tied? The answer may be slip on sneakers! These shoes are easy to slip on but look like a stylish sneaker. It is the best of all worlds!

Slip on sneaker

liftware steady

A hand tremor can make mealtime stressful. This utensil set can help to reduce the impact of a tremor and make it easier to eat. It uses a stabilization system built in to detect and counteract the movements of a tremor making it easier and more enjoyable to eat.

Liftware steady

resistance glove

Meal time prep can be really stressful for someone with a tremor. These gloves make it safer to chop up fruit and veggies with a tremor.

No Cry Cut Resistant Gloves

satin sheets

Do you ever feel like you are in a battle with your sheets getting all tangled up? Do you feel like you need to take a nap just by trying to move around in bed? Satin sheets may be the answer. These types of sheets make it easier to move by decreasing friction.

Satin Sheet Set

motion detector nighlights

Falls are more likely to happen at night. These nightlights are great as they turn on via a motion detector when you need them and are not on all night long.

Dimmable Night Light with Motion Detector

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