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How can Physical Therapy help after a concussion?

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Physical therapists can help people who experienced a concussion to return to their normal activities without symptoms. Your physical therapist will complete an assessment and determine what impairments are present, then prescribe exercises to address your symptoms and improve your function. It is essential that your exercise program is specifically tailored to your impairments to ensure your best chance of recovery.

If you experience dizziness or imbalance, you may benefit from vestibular rehabilitation. Vestibular rehab aims to help people experiencing dizziness or imbalance to reduce dizziness and regain balance to improve function. Exercises completed in vestibular rehab can include repositioning maneuvers, quick motions of your eyes and head, and challenging your balance in a variety of ways. These activities help your brain learn how to adapt and habituate to the dizziness, so in the future you can complete the activity without provoking symptoms.

Physical therapists can help with management of headache symptoms and eye strain by prescribing exercises, stretches, and activity modifications so you can complete your daily activities with less pain and fatigue.

Physical therapists will also help you return to sports and complete exercise without increasing your symptoms. It is important to grade your return to activity over time, starting with small periods of lower intensity exercises and then gradually progressing to longer periods of high intensity exercise. Physical therapists will monitor your response to exercise and prescribe guidelines for how and when to increase your activity.

The physical therapists at Engage have experience working with people with concussion and are skilled in helping you return to participation in your work and sport activities. Physical therapy sessions are provided one on one for 45-55 minutes depending on your needs. Call today to set up an evaluation at 315-810-2423 or email

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