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How the BalanceWear vest can help improve your balance

Updated: May 6, 2023

Balance wear vest

There are three systems in our body that control our balance: the visual, sensory, and vestibular systems. Balance issues arise when there is a mismatch of information from each of the three systems. One way to help is by increasing the information given to your sensory system to help it better sense where your body is moving in space. This can be done by wearing a customized weighted vest called BalanceWear.

BalanceWear® is a wearable balance-stabilizing vest for people with balance or mobility issues. It works by counter-balancing the body to improve balance control and alignment. Placing light weights (less than 1.5 pounds) on the vest at various spots on your trunk help increase trunk stability and balance your body.

Therapists must go through BalanceWear training to be certified to assess individuals for instability and determine if the balance wear is appropriate to help increase balance and stability. The therapist will put you through a series of testing including nudges in various directions to determine if there are areas of instability or imbalance. They will then place the vest on you and add weights opposite of the areas with most instability, providing a counterbalance. Each BalanceWear vest is fitted individually to each person to address their exact balance impairments. With the vest on, the therapist will take you through the tests again to see if your balance and stability have improved. Most patients immediately feel an improvement in their stability and even spatial perception.

Your custom BalanceWear vest can be ordered with your weighting needs, and your therapist will develop a wearing schedule for you. BalanceWear can be worn under clothing and can stay on throughout the day to help improve your stability.

Liz Yates Horton PT, DPT is a Certified BalanceWear provider who has been trained in assessing individuals to determine if this could be a helpful tool to improve balance and stability. Please contact Engage Therapy & Wellness in Syracuse NY at 315-810-2423 or for more information about the BalanceWear vest or to schedule a BalanceWear assessment.

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