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How to Stay Safe in the Bathroom

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Whether you are rushing to get to the toilet or getting out of the shower, the bathroom is a place where falls can frequently happen. The good news is there are some simple modifications you can make to reduce your risk for falls in the bathroom.

- Install grab bars near the toilet, tub and in the shower. (If possible, get help from a PT or OT on proper placement.)

- Ensure your toilet is at comfort height (17 to 19 inch seat height) to make it easier to get up and down. (You can buy a riser if you don’t want to replace your toilet.)

- Install a stable, purpose-made seat or bench in your shower.

- Make sure all bathtubs, showers floors and exits from shower are non-slip. (Use aqua socks in public showers.)

- Install faucets that turn on and off with one touch.

- Make sure water temperature is consistent and not too hot.

- Make sure there is a phone within easy reach of the shower, tub and toilet in case of an emergency. Better yet, consider wearing a waterproof medical alert device in the shower or tub.

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