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The Sound of Music: How Singing Can Help Your Voice

Singing is an important part of celebrating holidays for many people, but did you know that it is also shown to be beneficial for people with PD?

Around 90% of people living with Parkinson’s have changes in their voice and speech.

Finding ways of managing the symptoms of PD is a priority, and one intervention that is gaining traction is singing.

There are known similarities between anatomical and neural requirements for both singing and speaking. Evidence suggests that singing may have the potential to improve some of the speech-motor changes associated with PD. Singing in groups has also been linked to improved perceived quality of life among people with PD.

Check out these videos on the Parkinson Voice Project‘s Virtual Choir Performance

Interested in learning more about how singing can improve your voice?

Contact our speech therapist, Kaila McCarthy, to learn more about Parkinson Voice Project’s Speak Out! and Sing Out! initiatives.

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