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Testamonials about Engage



I have had MS for many years and noticed that I was becoming weaker this past year. I saw an interesting pod cast on MS News. It stated that physical therapy can help to strengthen a person who becomes weaker from MS. It also stated that you should research a physical therapist that specializes in neurological disorders. I researched neurological therapists in the Syracuse area and found Engage physical therapy. I called and made an appointment with Elizabeth Yates Horton. I felt better after my first visit with Liz. As I continued to work with Liz, I continued to become stronger. My balance is much better too. I am now doing things that I have not done in a very long time. Liz gave me several exercises that I do at home to continue to get stronger. I definitely recommend this office and will continue to use Liz and her staff in the future.


I recently did 5 weeks of occupational therapy virtually with Megan Rea of Engage PT, OT, SLP. Specifically we worked on my hands - dexterity, strength, coordination. I was scheduled for longer but Megan’s training was excellent and I met my goals early. Megan is excellent at OT, and she’s a delightful person to work with. She’s always cheerful and she has high expectations, which is a good combination. I am very happy with the results of my work with Megan and Engage, and I certainly recommend them.


Highly recommend for anyone with Parkinson's Disease (& other neurological issues). Liz is very knowledgeable and is willing to explain how each exercise benefits your particular situation. This was critical for me in order to continue doing the exercises after our weekly sessions ended, as I am too stubborn to do them "just because PT said I should."

I am newly diagnosed with PD and not taking medication for it yet. Exercise & healthy diet are the non-medicine tools available to fight the progression of PD. I feel lucky to have found Engage to guide me through this process.

I feel better and have the before/after evaluations to prove my mobility & dexterity improvements. But the knowledge gained is just as important.

This is all accomplished in a fun atmosphere, but with Liz's careful oversight of every detail.


After my daughter suffered a concussion, we were recommended to see Liz by the pediatrician. Our experience couldn't have been better! From the first appointment, Liz was able to determine what type of activities were needed to help my daughter heal. If a particular week was more symptomatic than expected, Liz changed course and addressed the needs of that week. The office is warm and inviting, appointments were easy to schedule and we would highly recommend them to anyone!


From Dena the receptionist through the therapists I received nothing but the finest care. From my first visit to my last it seemed that I was the only patient treated that day (Although I know that is not the case).

At first I did not think occupational therapy made a lot of sense for my condition (MS). This proved not the case. My occupational therapist Megan Rea led me through several exercises designed specifically to make my daily life better. She always took the time to explain the importance of what we were doing and why we were doing it. My “exit” results show a general improvement almost across the board.  Megan set me on the right course/ making my actions more efficient and effective. Her concerns always seemed to be about my welfare and how to improve.  I learned simple yet effective ways to make my life better and easier.
Thanks Megan for all your help. See you again in the fall


I have parkinsons disease and the medication th Doctor put me on wes not working well. I have freezing gait. I could just studder step myself around my home. then I found Engage Therapy. after a few exercise sessions they had me walking with the help of poles and a green cue light..
The people Liz has assembled are wonderful and careing. They really listen to you and adjust their thearpy to your needs.
A BIG SHOUT out to Liz and her staff.

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