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Engage's Favorite Things: Gift Guide for your loved one with Parkinson's - Part 3

Looking for that thoughtful and useful gift for your loved one with Parkinson's? Here are some of our favorite things along with links. These items are focused on staying active

walking poles

There are many health benefits when using walking poles (check out our blog posts on the benefits of walking poles). Walking poles can help you stay stable on uneven ground, work on your arm swing, and also can increase you aerobic exercise.

upright go device

Posture is impacted with PD making it more effortful to stand tall (check out the importance of standing tall blog post). The Upright Go is a wearable sensor giving you feedback when you start to slouch. It can be worn in a training mode for short times during the day or during the day giving feedback to help you stand tall.

foam roller

A foam roller is a great exercise tool to work on sore muscles, core exercises, and improving your posture. This half foam roller is a greater starter as you do not have to worry about it rolling away from you.

TRX straps

TRX straps are a great tool to provide a full body workout. You do not need to have a bunch of weights at home. By using these straps which you can easily attach in a doorway you can use your body weight to provide resistance.

smart watch

An activity tracker is a great way to track your exercise and steps during the day. Some have the option of giving helpful feedback on your sleep quality. An activity tracker can help make it easier to stay on track with your daily fitness goals.

We use vibration to help with nerve pain, muscle soreness, and helping to improve balance. Our two favorites are this vibration ball and this vibration plate.

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