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Language Training Apps for Concussion and Brain Injury

Research shows that intensive therapy regimens with a speech therapist are ideal, especially for young adults who are 3 or more months after their brain injury. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t always approve a high-frequency speech therapy program, and finances can be limiting.

While they are not meant to replace individualized practice with an SLP, apps are a useful way to promote more intensive practice by providing activities for more language learning at home. There are several apps available for use on a smartphone, chromebook, or tablet. Below is a quick summary of a few of the most well-known language therapy apps.

Constant Therapy:

Constant Therapy has more than 500,000 individual evidence-based exercises for speech, language, and cognition. By sharing your account information with your SLP, she can assign you specific exercises and track your progress. Constant Therapy offers a free 14-day trial. Afterwards, there is a monthly charge.

TalkPath Therapy:

Lingraphica’s TalkPath Therapy provides more than 11,500 speech, language, and cognitive exercises. TalkPath Therapy also provides an “aphasia-friendly” news source. SLPs can also link accounts with their clients to help facilitate and focus the training. This app is completely free.

Tactus Therapy:

Tactus Therapy offers various speech therapy apps for adults with aphasia. They are evidence-based, designed by an SLP, and are easy to use. Once downloaded, they don’t require Wi-Fi. Each app targets a different skill, including comprehension, naming, and reading. The prices range from $5-$25 with discount bundles available and free lite versions to try.

If you have been experiencing word finding our speech therapists have experience working with individuals and have more strategies that may help. Please contact our office at 315-810-2423 or with any questions about how we may be able to help you!

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