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Questions to ask your doctor about PD

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Doctor’s appointments are a great opportunity to partner with your provider to develop a game plan for managing Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Here are some common questions that your doctor can help answer:

1.How quickly does Parkinson’s disease usually progress and what will change over time?

2.How is Parkinson’s treated? Are there ways I can slow the progression of my Parkinson’s?

3. What test(s) or tools did you use to determine my diagnosis?

4. How often should I make appointments, and should I expect to see you or another staff member at each visit?

5. What other specialists or healthcare professionals should help me manage my care?

6. What symptoms or side effects should I report immediately?

7. How and when should I take my medication? Should I take the medicine before, with, or between meals?

8. What are the potential side effects of my medications? Is there anything I can do to avoid or manage the side effects that I might experience?

9. Besides taking medications, what else can I do to manage my Parkinson’s disease? Are there specific therapies, exercises, or lifestyle changes that can help?

10. Are there any clinical trials I could participate in?

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