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Speak Out! Voice Therapy

Updated: May 12, 2023

speak out program

Speak Out! is a relatively new treatment option for people with PD, having only started in 2008. It was developed by a non-profit organization in Texas called the Parkinson Voice Project. Like LSVT, it was specifically designed to address the speech/voice changes seen in people with PD.

Speak Out! focuses on speaking with intent. By focusing on moving from automatic speech to speaking with intention, this program has also demonstrated improvements across the speech system. However, this concept may be slightly harder to grasp compared to LSVT’s focus on simply speaking louder. A benefit of Speak Out! is that it targets cognition as part of the treatment protocol, which LSVT does not directly do (although trained LSVT clinicians are encouraged to incorporate cognitive tasks when possible). In addition, they designed their voice exercises to reduce vocal strain or other unhealthy vocal behaviors

Individual treatment sessions can be completed in 45 min and are only held 2-3 times a week, for a total of 9-12 tx sessions. Given that this was designed by a non-profit, they follow a pay it forward model, so each person who receives this therapy gets a free workbook. This workbook is used during treatment sessions as well as daily home exercise.

An expectation is that people who complete the individual therapy automatically continue on to participate in group exercise classes called Loud Crowd. The Parkinson Voice Project offers live stream classes as well as pre-recorded options, in case you can’t find a Loud Crowd group in your area.

If you are someone who has significant changes to your vocal quality, Speak Out! may be a great option. Contact Kaila our speech therapist with questions about the program or how to get started at!

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