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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

You may have heard this saying before and it is true, especially when it comes to Parkinson''s. You are the center of the team and each of the team members play a role in helping you live your best life! Your care partner is also an important part of the team. Here are some team members you may work with during your journey with PD: Neurologist or Movement Disorder Specialist: This is a doctor who you will meet with periodically to assess medications and your treatment plan. You may wonder what is the difference between a neurologist and a movement disorder specialist. A movement disorder specialist has specialized training in Parkinson's. This doctor does not substitute your regular family physician Physical therapist:There is evidence about the benefits of exercise helping to manage Parkinson's. A PT can help with your mobility, flexibility, any pain issues you have, strength and endurance. LSVT Big and PWR! are 2 treatments focused on improving movements impacted by PD. Finding a PT who specializes in one of these 's is beneficial. Occupational therapist: An OT can help you be able to maximize your activities of daily living and problem solve any safety concerns you may have in your home or community. They can also work with you to help manage fatigue and stress Speech therapist: A SLP can help with improving your voice quality and loudness along with assist with swallowing, issues. They are also able to help develop strategies for any memory concerns. Two treatments that are PD focused are LSVT loud and Speak Out!. Finding a SLP who specializes in one of these treatments will help you find someone who understands PD. Dietician: A dietician or nutritionist can assist with developing a food plan specific to your needs with PD. They can help to improve your gut health which can help with constipation, help you to get enough protein daily, and focus on the foods that will help you feel your best. Neuropsychologists: This is a specialized therapist who can take a look at your memory and thinking. Ophthalmologist: There can be changes with your vision with Parkinson's. If you are noticing any changes or difficulty with your eye sight it is time to make an appointment. Mental Health Specialist: Depression and anxiety are common with Parkinson's. They can work with you to manage stressful times and create healthy habits for stress management. You are not alone on this path. It is important to start putting together your dream team. You want to choose individuals who actively listen and who are knowledgeable with PD.

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