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Voice Exercises: Tips for staying on track!

It is important to develop a lifelong habit of daily exercise, but when you have been diagnosed with PD, this also should include daily voice exercises. This is crucial when trying to maintain the gains you made in individual speech therapy, but also to potentially help to slow the progression of PD. However, completing your daily voice exercises is easier said than done! Here are some tips and resources to help keep you on track.

1. Get into a good daily routine- exercise at the same time each day and/or pair your voice exercises with another activity that you already complete daily.

2. Find a good place to practice. If you are still driving, the car can be a great place to exercise. Every time you hit a red light, do some of your the daily voice exercises.

3. Ask someone else to do the exercises with you or ask someone to hold you accountable (but remember your loved one is not nagging you but instead encouraging you!)

4. Use a daily checklist or written note to help remind you to exercise- put this written reminder somewhere that you know you will see it (e.g., the coffee maker, the bathroom mirror, where you eat breakfast each day, etc)

5. Join a group exercise class such as LOUD for LIFE or LOUD CROWD (ask your speech therapist for a recommendation)

6. If you previously completed LSVT LOUD, you can purchase their homework helper video to help you practice at home

7. If you previously completed SPEAK OUT!, check out their website to join live facebook sessions or follow along with pre-recorded video session. (​​)

8. Also remember to follow up with your speech therapist regularly! Check in every 6 months, but make it even sooner if you or your friends/family have any concerns regarding a decline in your voice or speech.

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